AKSARA #1 Presentation

11 May


Soooo two days ago we had our first presentation in front of the campus manager. First presentation, yeah, because we are sure there will be the second, third, and so on~haha

We wore a special costume, with the logo of A-CANVAS painted directly by our CMO in the tshirt. Cool isn’t it?

Thank god we looked different to any other groups who chose formal costume. Awesome!

Unfortunately one of our members couldn’t join today presentation. He had a class in lab huuuuu :p

From the response of the jury, we hope that we have a big chance to be the big three from Jogja. At least they were interested in our product. Even the CM said, it’s unique, that it has possibility to enter international market!

Now, the only thing we could do is praying and hope we’ll have AKSARA meeting in next week.

AKSARA, ke Jakarta!

One Response to “AKSARA #1 Presentation”

  1. nirmalafauzia 16 May 2014 at 09:04 #

    Aaaak AKSARA beneran bakal presentasi laaagiii di Jakartaaaa. Semoga sampai Singapura. Amin!


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