Happy Holiday!

23 Jan

Du du du~

Liburan akhirnya dataaaang~ Setelah dua minggu menghadapi medan perang yang berdarah-darah, setelah tiga hari berjuang memulihkan kondisi badan, yeaay holiday is coming!

I have a great feeling for my vacation this time. It’s going to be a super productive days!

Well, I’ve written down some goals I wanna reach this year. There is one important point, I will make 2014 become my year of travelling. Owyeaah, travelling around the world! Why not? buzzfeed says that when you are turning old, there will be some possibility that you will regret why you did not travel a lot in your youthful time. And yes, I do not want to regret it later. So, when I have some time, I have some money, and I still have some energy, why not?

My first destination on the list is Lombok, NTB. It’s on my top list because of the certainty whether I will go or not. I will go there while doing KKN. Haha. So, yeah I’m pretty sure that I can go there on July-August 2014. I happily welcome myself to those beautiful beaches B)

Next, it is Malaysia. Well, actually I have two events which have possibility to take me there. First, me and six of my friends have planned a trip to Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore since November 2013. But, there were too many obstacles. We already bought the ticket to KL, but we still don’t know, even until now, whether we are going or not. pfffft.

But, fortunately, my lovely Tim Rampoe UGM (!!) intentionally decides going international! At March 2014, we will participate in FESCO, a traditional dance competition, in Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia. Owyeaaaah, happily I volunteer myself to join the group for this competition~ Actually, Rampoe UGM has another project, #LangitEropa2014. They will explore European Land, there are about six countries: Belgium, Holland, Rumania, Spain, France, aaand I forget the last one. I do really want to go to Europe (again), but that is impossible since I have to go to Lombok for KKN (y) So for this year, Malaysia is enough.hha

I hope I could add other destinations on my list. Well, maybe I could go to Japan or Korea this year~ Maybe. Who knows? Haha

Anyway, Happy Holiday!


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