Standing EGG – Miss Flower lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

25 Apr

however, AMBLER jjang! I love everything about ambler ❤ thank god this album released right after the end of midterm exam. helps me a lot cooling down my head. ahah


Can I say that this song is the title song for Ambler? Because as how the album is launched in the spring, this song brings the spirit of the season where everything is blooming  and many yeppeo things are around 🙂 Ambler in English means to take a leisurely walk. Standing EGG wish to become everyone’s companion while they walk under the fully-bloomed big trees, enjoying the good weather ❤


standing egg ambler


Standing EGG – Miss Flower

그대와 꼭 함께 오고 싶었죠

Geu-dae-wa ggok ham-gge o-go ship-eo-jyo

이제 눈을 떠봐요

I-je nun-eul ddeo-bwa-yo


예쁜 꽃을 함께 보며 걸어요

Ye-bbeun ggotch-eul ham-gge bo-myeo geol-eo-yo

서두르진 말아요

Seo-du-reu-jin mal-a-yo


우리서로 발걸음을 맞춰요

U-ri seo-ro bal-geol-eum-eul mat-chweo-yo

손잡아요 익숙할때까지

Son-jab-a-yo ik-suk-hal-ddae-gga-ji


좀 더 천천히 걸어봐요

Jom deo cheon-cheon-hi geol-eo-bwa-yo

더 많은걸 볼수있죠

Deo manh-eun-geol bol-su-itt-jyo

oh please come oh please come

oh please come oh please come


거기서서 잠시만…

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