Standing EGG – 항상 난 그래 (I’m Always Like This) lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

25 Apr

favorite! here comes the star of Ambler. yeaaah~ try listening this one song and you’ll find your self falling in love with standing egg’s music tone 🙂


Aww what a sweet song! 🙂 while Miss Flower is a ‘pretty’ song, somehow I feel this song is ‘handsome’. I hope I can watch the live performance of Standing EGG someday :’)

standing egg ambler


Standing EGG – 항상그래 (Hangsang Nan Geurae/I’m Always Like This)


Ne-mam-e ssok-deu-neun ye-bbeun seon-mul ju-go ship-eo


Ha-ji-man eo-ddeon-ge joh-eul-ji mo-reu-gett-deo-ra



Neol anj-hyeo noh-go-seo no-rael bul-leo ju-go ship-eo neol ba-ra-bo-myeo


Ha-ji-man al-janh-a nan no-rae-do mot-ha-janh-a cham ba-bo-gat-a


Han-cham-eul go-min-ha-da gyeol-guk i-geot-bakk-e jun-bi mot-haess-eo



Hang-sang nan geu-rae pyeon-ji-man sseo


Mweo-deun da-hae-ju-go ship-eun ma-eum-man ap-seo


Hang-sang nan geu-rae neol sa-rang-hae


I-mal han-ma-di-man…

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3 Responses to “Standing EGG – 항상 난 그래 (I’m Always Like This) lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]”

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