10 . 11 . 12

10 Nov

Nice date isnt it?
Owaaah. I still cant believe it. Im getting older. Seems like time just fly away easily..

Thinking twenty years back then, hmm, what ive reached, what ive learnt, what ive given to others, dunno, hmm, this time ive reflected through all this time, and well, i come to decision that i have to live my life sooo much better than before.

Im not a kid anymore who could play and fool around without thinking.

Before i fly away on my wild-dream this night, i do really hope, that all what people had wished me for, GOD would help me to make those wishes come true. Amiiiin.

Thanks everybody for letting me know you all. My life could never been better without you coming to my life. Thanks for all those wishes, eventhough you dont, its okay. Just consider me as a good friend of you.

Aah. Im blabbering..
Well, anyway, good night. Have a good dream everybody (。・ω・。)ノ♡


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