something you shouldnt care about

24 Oct

why should i?

sometimes these words stroke my mind. well, this semester, most subjects give us assignments to do in group. it is not that i hate working in group, no. sometimes i just hate that nobody cares about the task. therefore, there should be someone to ‘lead’ the group, so the task could be finished.

there always somebody who asked, “mak hows the task?” or “what should we do with the task?” or “where should we go now?” etc.

why should i?

i dont know. is it my natural or what. but i just cannot let my score down just because of lack of coordination in group. no, not only that, i do really hate missed-coordination, or missed-communication. oh man, puhlease, we are communication scholar. whats difficult to communicate each other.

i hate it when people started to ‘push’ me do the hardest thing. im not that genius, man. sometimes i just lucky that i could get any brilliant idea, or lucky to hear and remember what lectures say. i never meant to, and i never tried so hard to.

sometimes, i wanna be someone that just do what others say. one task finished, then i shouldnt confuse what to do with the rest. my other friend will do.

but, in the other side, i, unconsciously, had gotten some benefits from these. i learn how to coordinate people. its hard, you know. i learn how to control people. i learn how to control my emotion, especially when someone didnt do his task correctly. i learn how to write in academic style therefore i practice for my ‘minithesis’ for my undergraduate study, and so on.

the point is, ill always try to give ma best. but please understand me, im a human too, im not a perfect person..

well, anyway, this isnt something you should care about.

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