BIG Wish

10 Oct

If someone asks me, what’s the most thing i dream for now, my answer would be a full set of crochet HOOK! This hook is not the one clinging on captain hook hand. Nooo. Its much cooler than what peterpan’s ‘buddy’ has.

Since the very beginning of my learning even until now, i never used any hook number but 1–well, sometimes i use 2 too. But my curiosity leads me into the desire to try hook number 8, of course with bigger yarn too. The BIG hook i only see at websites..

Umm. Maybe this feeling started when i saw a full pack of the most colorful hook i ever seen right in front of my eyes about a week ago. They made a beautiful line by laying side by side. I wonder how come i not realize the existence of these things at this very store, the place i always head to when i need new yarn.

Paralyzed? Well, maybe. Haha. Ive been thinking what would it be if i can take one back home. It would be sooo cool that i could make a bigger amigurumi. Then suddenly all of my dream broken. The PRICE?! Imagine, for this special hook we have to pay 30k only for one hook. Beautiful, yes, yet expensive –a Only for one! The dream in my mind destructed in seconds.

Well, ive committed to myself that any needs about crochet will use the money from my own income. From now, its still about 100k in the safe. So its impossible for me to use the money only to fulfill this desire. Maybe i should wait one or two months again. Or maybe any of you who read this post are kindly hearted and willing to gimme this for free??

Haha. It really is a big daydream eh? ( Β΄ β–½ ` )οΎ‰

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