Dunno what to say..

25 Oct

Well, at first when I heard the news that SHINee will come to Indonesia, I was deathly happy. But after last night I watched they performance (replay mode) on TVRI at 8.30 pm, I started to think that it’s going to be better for them not to come to Indonesia!

Could you imagine please, an asian-standard- boy band like SHINee should perform in a small stage with horrible sound system. I did saw Jonghyun kept touching his monitor earphone. Even Minho knocked the microphone several times. And the bad one was the cables on the stage was so messy.

Hmm.. I’m afraid that shinee would feel traumatized since they had a really bad experience on their way back from Istora Senayan to the airport. Yes, maybe they’ve said they were so happy to come to Indonesia in the next opportunity (I saw it from Aririrang news), but it was told before the show! I couldn’t imagine what they think about Indonesa now.

You know, watching them on TVRI last night, didn’t make me happy but sad. I and my friend too, could see there’s no spirit on their eyes. They danced like a robot. They sang without power. And moreover, there were no cute smile from them. Hiks.. hiks..

Poor SHINee. poor me.. hwaaa…


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